Avast Free Forum Review

Avast Free Forum is a site that allows users to inquire about their anti-virus software. It provides a variety of ways, including tutorials as well as FAQs. The site is simple to navigate and is frequently updated.

A major player in the cybersecurity market, avast provides one of the best levels of customer service for its Read Full Article anti-virus software program. The support button of the company on its website and LAPTOP or COMPUTER app gives access to helpful FAQ and discussion forums, as well as premium technology assistance when you encounter any issue.

The company also has a live chat feature for customers who require prompt responses, a quick email ticketing system to help with more in-depth inquiries and three 24-hour support lines located in the UK, Australia and the U.S. The knowledge base isn’t extensive but includes support guides for all of its products.

However the customer service may not be perfect. A joint investigation conducted by PCMag and Hauptplatine discovered that the company shares information about its users their locations and Internet protocol address with third party businesses, which could create privacy concerns for some people. The paid plans don’t provide enough bonuses to justify the additional cost. The forum was recently compromised and hackers were able obtain user names, usernames email addresses, as well as passwords that were hashed. Fortunately, the information regarding payments was not compromised. The company has pledged to rebuild the forum using a new platform that’s more efficient plus more secure. The company has a policy for security that says it will not sell or share personal information with third parties without their consent.

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