Chilean Wedding Traditions

Chile may be a beautiful region with various terrain: dramatic pile peaks, shining lakes and stunning coastlines. This diversity in landscape and culture also makes for interesting traditions, like these found in Chilean marriages.

Marriages in Latina America are warm and festive events packed with fun celebration. We spoke with Cintia Coelho, owner of Vacation spot Marriage Chile, a wedding organizing service specializing in destination wedding events in Chile since 2014, to learn more about chilean wedding customs.

La boda civil

Chilean wedding ceremonies typically contain two events: a legal ceremony, or la desposorio o prosopopeya detrimental, and a spiritual marriage service. The first of what is the best free dating website all ceremony is often performed by a attorney and is as well as a small reception, with meals and drinks to signify the event.

The 2nd ceremony is a symbolic wedding, which can be held in a Catholic church. This assistance is usually along with a smaller family feast day. The couple then can be provided with a few symbolizes, such as cards and cash products.

Guests at the reception are stimulated to create money or possibly a gift idea which can be added to their very own honeymoon fund. They can as well give the groom and bride polished stones, which they wear throughout their first calendar year of marital life.

A significant supper

A regular wedding food in Republic of chile includes big helpings of meats, fish and rice. These meals are often paired with a local wine beverage.

An open bar council

A popular beverage at marriage ceremonies in Chile is pisco, a distilled grape liquor. Pisco can be mixed with lemon juice, straightforward syrup and egg white in a pisco sour cocktail.

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