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Find the most up-to-date information about computer technology on topics like Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biotechnology, Graphene Technology Battery Technology, and more. Discover the latest research findings from top universities and labs like MIT, Cal Tech, Yale, Karlsruhe Tech, and Vienna Tech.

The latest advancements in artificially intelligent systems like face or speech recognition are a result of neural networks, densely interconnected networks made up of simple information processors. Researchers have come up with a new type of information processor that may enable more intelligent devices by emulating the processing capabilities of the human brain.

Engineers have been working for years to create microprocessors that are more efficient and consume less energy. Now they’re reaching a new level with a chip that uses quantum computing to perform billions of calculations every second while still running in the same package as the current fastest microprocessors.

Protecting personal information is more important than ever. Data breaches have caused havoc to Fortune 100 companies and ruined the reputations of powerful executives. They’ve also forced historical educational institutions to close. But a lot of security tools aren’t effective and some are dangerous. Now a team of cybersecurity researchers has come up with an effective and secure way to safeguard information from hackers.

Recent research suggests that disorganization rather than cost is the driving reason for poor IT disposal of equipment, which is accelerating the ever-growing problem of e-waste. Also, Apple adds an OtterPilot feature to its Siri virtual assistant that allows it to record meetings with customers and to automate CRM data entry.

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